Interchangeable cutting inserts for Lothmann custom tools

Interchangeable cutting inserts assure 100% efficiency of custom tools from Lothmann.

Interchangeable cutting inserts usually have several cutting edges and are clamped in an insert holder, cartridge or insert tool pocket, and are used to machine a variety of materials. Modern inserts are pressed and sintered fine-grain or micro grain carbide grades, making them resistant to heat-cracking and breakage. Inserts used to machine steels are coated with a multi-layer tool coating with individual consistency. If one layer wear through, the next layer protects the insert edge from wear and chipping. Only when all layers have worn is the carbide substrate exposed to wear.

Types of cutting inserts

Lothmann uses several types of cutting inserts depending on the application: pressed and sintered carbide inserts with tool coating are primarily used for use in steel and cast steel and cast iron machining. Precision ground inserts with positive chip breaker geometry, as well as PCD-tipped (poly-crystalline diamond) inserts are used in machining Aluminum alloys. Lothmann also designs and supplies special inserts to specific customer requirements to assure turning, boring and milling operations to highest precision.

Advantages of ISO cutting inserts used

Before the advent of step drills with carbide insert cutting edges, machining had to be done with HSS tools or with tools with brazed-on carbide cutting edges. The machining advantages offered by fine-grain carbide and multi-layer tool coatings were not available to customers. Tool wear was very high. With the availability and use of ISO cutting inserts in step drills the many advantages of modern cutting technology are now available to our customers.

Lothmann exclusively uses ISO cutting inserts in it's special tool designs, unless otherwise specified by the customer. The inserts, produced to international standards, are available worldwide from many sources. When the inserts are worn, replacements are readily available at competitive prices from a variety of reputable sources and easily replaced on the tool. As ISO standard inserts undergo constant improvements in grades, geometries and coatings, customers of Lothmann tools can use and benefit by the newest developments in cutting technology and highest cutting parameters.

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