Step-drill from Lothmann

One tool to accurately complete drilling, boring, turning and milling operations: Step-drills from Lothmann

Lothmann special tools combine as many metal machining operations as possible and practical, including drilling, boring, counter-sinking and chamfering, and back-boring and back-chamfering; in some cases even the milling of thinner sheet materials, all in one tool. Using customer-specified requirements, we combine the appropriate cutting insert geometries, standard tool shank designs and other details, and design and build a customer-specific special tool in the shortest time. Carbide inserts can be used on a variety of materials: steel, cast iron, stainless steel, Aluminum and other non-ferrous materials.

Producing our Step-drills

Our step-drills are produced using our CAD-CAM process. Special milling operations can first be simulated in 3D-CAD. The tricky positioning of coolant-through channels is aided by CAD-CAM and a 100% functionality is assured.

The machining of our tools is done using our CAM process and is therefore very accurate. Carbide inserts used have a very high tool life and temperature stability. Carbide inserts are accurate and reliable, an important advantage compared with HSS tools. Our step-drills and other tools are surface hardened, finish ground and finally cutting inserts are installed. This eliminates any tool resharpening.

All your advantages with one look

Lothmann is your warranty for 100% inspection control and tool functioning. Our company has since 1980 designed and produced custom step-drills to customer requirements. We have produced over 25,000 special tools in more than 10,000 different varieties. The precision machining and accuracy of our tools compare very favorably to a standard carbide insert drill. .

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